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Church at 271 Paulson Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Mount Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is led by Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis.

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  • I am married to a black women and just thought I would not fit in an all black church......very ironic and shameful thinking, as a Christian! A family that prays together stays together, and my faith is the most important thing in this earthly after attending this church for several years I can honestly say I have grown closer to God! This is a powerful Church and it is like a warm blanket as you can feel the Holy Spirit welcome you each and every time.

    I still am ashamed of the thought of not attending God's house based on skin tone.....this is the most welcoming, loving place in all of Pittsburgh.

    I must say the Rev is the best preacher of the word I have ever heard. His doctorate allows him to put into context historically the text and then apply it 3500 years later to today. His sermons are never weighted to much on Glory or brim and fire is a blend. I now see its being more like Christ, Christ like behaviors, as we are truly testifying every day as disciples of Christ! Loving, forgiving, compassion, tolerance. But also having a strong conviction of holding yourself accountable to sin, as it takes you further from God.

    I know you are thinking...well this is in every church....I thought so to, until I began my journey at the Mount.....The stirring in my soul was overwhelming and it is still the same after several years.

    Go matter where you are in your journey....there is no judgment as so many walks of life attend this church and the parishioners are so open warm....its a treat to go there! I now have to make my rounds and kiss my elderly church catch upon there week....I bring in little gifts of kindness for many and truly made some of the best friends a man could ever wish for......

    Yes....this place is that good....You will feel the Holy Spirit stirring from the moment you walk in there....and please never make the ignorant mistake I made, quantifying/qualifying the house of God on pigmentation......the Devil is a liar!

    Oh and the Rev is as funny as he is smart.....he sees the humor in will laugh out loud.

    Added May 14, 2017 by Joe Kelly
  • Love and miss my church home . In FLorida but will be glad to get back home . Miss my church family and our blessed pastor . so Mt Ararart much love to you all.

    Added April 28, 2017 by Revis Marie
  • Because the peace n kindness i feel as i walk in than when i listen to pastor i feel he's talking to me

    Added February 28, 2017 by Shola Ramirez
  • Every time I show up @ Mt. Ararat which is every Sunday, I may miss a few because of work i'am always blessed with a word that feeds my soul and it's exactly what I need to hear. Pastor Curtis is Amazingly BLESSED with the POWER to PREACH GOD'S WORD....!

    Added August 27, 2016 by Nicole NikkiO
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