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Church at 310 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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in Pittsburgh, PA

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  • This is a phenomenal church. The last time we were in a church this magnificent was when we were in Europe. Can't imagine how much time and talent went into it's construction. The mass was normal and the priest gave a very good homily. Can't wait to go back when visiting my daughter and son in law who just moved to this area of Pittsburgh.

    Added July 21, 2017 by Tom Hood
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    The one star is because the church is, quite possibly, the most beautiful in all of Pittsburgh.

    The low rating, is because the church has a horrendous track record in regards to being faithful to their publicly posted confession times. Multiple times now, and twice this week alone, I have gone to the church here for confession, according to the times posted on their website. As I don't drive, I have now spent over $20 in getting to this church for confession, all for their to be no priest available. I'm so irked by this, that I'm tempted to send the apparently too busy priests my bill.

    Also, their music tends to be overly schmaltzy, which I guess tends to be the norm for many modern Catholic Churches today (I'm no Traddie; I just like good Liturgy, which includes good music).

    In closing, it'd be nice if the church, and the priests, acted more like they cared about actually being available for confession, as my experience over the years (again, twice this past week alone) shows that they'll either cancel without noting it on their website, or end it earlier than the posted times (and, they're only scheduled for 1.5 hours a week, which makes it even more ridiculous).

    Added June 08, 2017 by Joseph Muir
  • ☆ ☆

    This Catholic church is in the heart of Shadyside. Architecturally it is an echo of the Presbyterian/Episcopalian churches that predominated in the area back when Shadyside was one of the eastern suburbs for the urban elite.
    Now in terms of music...for the mandatory songs, like the Holy Holy, they have pretty sweet organ music. As for the optional songs (invitatory, recessional hymn), their choice of songs quite frankly blows. It's very traditional sounding, no David Haas there.
    I've seen two priests give sermons there. One gave a blase sermon, the other one, the funny sounding father, was just totally whatever. During weekday liturgies they skip sermon giving all together.
    Sacred Heart usually has vesper services during the seasons of Advent and Lent on Sundays, so that's pretty cool.

    Added May 13, 2017 by A Google User
  • The architecture of the church is stunning. I always enjoy attending Sunday services there, especially the 7:45 PM Mass. For those who like to attend services in the evening, this is very convenient and the Mass is well attended. The music and singing are first rate and the sermons down to earth and interesting. I actually look forward to attending Mass here, as opposed to attending because it's an "obligation."

    Added January 07, 2017 by Jerry White
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